Voices in Leadership with Amy Hart Clyne & Guest Dennis Jaffe


In this episode, Amy speaks with Dr. Dennis Jaffe, an organizational consultant, clinical psychologist, and one of the leading thinkers on how multi-generational families can enhance governance and empower next-generation leadership. Dennis and Amy talk about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and how the uncertainty in today’s world plays out in wealthy families and increases the temptation for rash or reactionary decision making. 

Topics discussed:

  • Lessons on how 100-year family enterprises have survived through historical event likes world wars and the Great Depression (at the 4:00 mark)
  • Advice for family leaders during this unprecedented time (at the 7:00 mark)
  • What family leaders should not be doing right now (at the 9:36 mark)
  • Evolution of innovation and change over generations (at the 14:18 mark)
  • Resiliency in the family system (at the 16:09 mark)
  • Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in the family culture (at the 21:09 mark)
  • Successful leadership development for the rising generation (at the 24:27 mark)
  • Three conversations every family should be having (at the 33:15 mark)

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