Voices in Leadership with Amy Hart Clyne & Guest Peter Begalla


In this conversation, Peter Begalla—a well-known family enterprise consultant and a trained family therapist—talks with Amy Hart Clyne about the pressures that families are experiencing and how family decision making and governance have become truncated during this unprecedented time. Peter offers an insider's perspective and shares how he believes the COVID-19 crisis will impact family governance.

Topics discussed:

  • Extent to which family governance structures are being tested (at the 5:20 mark)
  • Impacts to the different types of family governance structures, from simple to complex (at the 8:30 mark)
  • Decision making changes in the single family office (at the 14:04 mark)
  • Streamlined processing tips on an accelerated timeline (at the 19:09 mark)
  • Advice for families with no governance process (at the 24:40 mark)
  • Effective family communications (at the 30:07 mark)
  • Opportunities to enhance family governance structures (at the 35:00 mark)
  • Governance adaptations that will become permanent (at the 40:19 mark)

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