Data Governance in the Digital Transformation Age


In this podcast, two industry experts discuss how boards’ oversight of data governance within their organizations is changing to meet the opportunities and risk in the rapidly evolving digital space in which organizations are conducting their business. The key takeaways:

  • Boards need to understand how their organization balances the value data provides with the risk assumed to protect it.
  • Compliance with data regulations at the local, state, federal, and global levels are increasing in complexity.
  • Data governance is finding its way into the “ESG lens” as companies expand their disclosure landscape to address broadening demands of stakeholders.
  • Digital shifts towards a single environment or “data fabric” connecting via a cloud-based platform helps organizations manage their business and maximize value of data.
  • Board members are challenged to ensure their organizations are making appropriate investments in digitization while managing rapidly evolving cyber threats.
  • Directors who thoughtfully embrace disruption within corporate strategy while placing equal value on enterprise risk management in safeguarding digital assets will be able to demonstrate due care in their oversight responsibilities.

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