Engaging the Client of the Future

Engaging the Client of the Future

January 2015

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Today’s young adult family clients – specifically those who identify as Millennials or Gen Y – are bringing a distinct set of preferences and sensibilities to their relationships with their most trusted advisors. While the value proposition is essentially the same for this group as it is for their parents and has been for their grandparents, sophisticated family leaders, experienced family office executives, and state of the art wealth advisors know that in order to engage Millennial family members, they must meet their expectations for how that value is delivered.

In this whitepaper you will find:

  • Four categories of challenges faced by those who advise Millennial family clients
  • Five millennial themes that shed light on Millennial family clients’ expectations
  • Eight recommendations for engaging Millennial family clients  
  • A Millennial Engagement Strategy Assessment Tool


After reading this you will:

  • Gain insight into the Millennial point of view
  • Understand the expectations of Millennial family clients
  • Identify ways to enhance the relationship between Millennials and their advisors.


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