FOX Guide to the Professional Family Office

January 2021

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The FOX Guide to the Professional Family Office is an update of our classic Family Office Primer. The Guide documents the challenges faced by families who want to manage their wealth collectively for the long-term and opens the door to the inner workings of today’s family office. Using concrete examples and FOX research data, it is an invaluable tool for families seeking to build a best practice family office or evaluate their current office operations.

The Guide includes:

  • A risk roadmap
  • Scope of services offered in the typical family office
  • Time allocation of employees
  • Insights on the investment process
  • Advisor due diligence
  • Hard data on operating costs of a family office

We encourage readers to share this Guide with:

  • Family Office Board Members – every board member should understand their responsibilities in the context of the family office's work and the overarching goals of sustaining the family’s wealth and legacy.
  • Family Office Employees – every office employee can benefit from seeing their role relative to the office’s broader mission and other family offices around the world.
  • Family Office Clients – all too often, what happens in the family office is a mystery to its end users. This document will help every client better understand and appreciate what is involved in taking care of everything from tax returns to training the next generation. 

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