Illuminating Custody & Reporting: Why the Custodian You Choose is Fundamental to the Security and Organisation of Your Assets


Since the Autumn of 2008 many heads of family offices have focused their attention on the most basic aspects of financial arrangements. This is true of owner managers and professional CEOs alike. Since the demise of Lehman two dominant questions arise from this group of decision makers. Firstly whether client assets are genuinely segregated off the custodian bank’s balance sheet, and not withstanding the answer to that question which must of course be ‘yes’, how secure their custodian is as a corporate entity.

These two considerations must form the bedrock of a family’s financial arrangements. Following on from this come the considerable administrative benefits of consolidated reporting across all assets, which is driven in efficiency, accuracy and cost by a master global custody model.

Date Published: Friday, October 29, 2010

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