Real Estate Tech, Taxation, and Representation
Real estate has always been a tax-advantaged investment class, especially in the U.S. where rules allow you to shelter income or cashflow through depreciable losses and other mechanisms. For the
2021 Investment Outlook: Hoping for No More Surprises
The pandemic that was the dominant news story of 2020 will continue to hold its position for much of 2021. Between hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine and expectations for the Biden administration, how
NOW Podcast: Exploring the Future of Energy with Daniel Yergin
Brown Advisory
The stakes are high: climate change is creating an urgent need for a lower-carbon economy, and the Biden administration will face the daunting challenge of reigniting the U.S. economy in the wake of
Brexit Reminds International Equity Investors to Look Beyond the Benchmark
Investors have seemingly been concerned about Brexit since day one, and equity performance may have suffered because of it. This brings to light an important consideration for passive investors: the
Tracking Error: Why Deviation from a Benchmark Shouldn't Dissuade Passive Investors from ESG
There’s a fading but lingering misconception that socially responsible investing (SRI) means sacrificing returns against a benchmark. The source of concern—and misconception—can
Using Electronic Trading to Deliver Value for Fixed Income Investors
Technological innovations in bond trading rarely grab headlines, but advancements have substantially changed how business is conducted in the fixed income markets. When used as part of a
SEC Updates Accredited Investor Definition
Hemenway & Barnes
The pool of potential investors for private offerings has widened under the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new definition of “accredited investor” in Rule 215 and Rule 501(a
A Malarkey-Free Analysis of the Impact of the Biden Tax Plan on Equity Investors
The combined effect of Biden’s tax proposals could alter behavior of the tax-aware investor. In examining the major tax provisions proposed under a Biden administration, the impact on equity
Your Heirs and Wealth: Fostering Purpose
Without the usual financial pressures of family wealth, how do you teach your children about money, work, and personal responsibility? Because the stakes are high, begin with the family fundamentals
2020 Year-End Year-Round Tax Planning Guide
Year-end tax planning is always challenging, but the coronavirus pandemic has added a whole new layer of complexity to the equation for individuals, families, and businesses across the nation. The