Podcast: Business Ownership—Buying In, Creating Value, and Getting Out
Just because a small business or startup makes it beyond its initial launch phase and sees some early commercial success doesn’t mean its challenges are over. In this podcast, learn about three
The Changing Investor Landscape Under COVID-19
A common sentiment in today’s market is that COVID-19 will have an impact on what types of investors will be active over the next few years. Many industry experts expect private equity (PE)
Opportunities Emerge as Munis Come Back to Earth
Municipal bond yields have finally begun to move higher. The surge is a natural and healthy development—reflective of an improving economic landscape but not a marked upshift in inflation.
The Commonsense Case for Real Action on Diversity and Inclusion
As the surge of interest in creating a more just and equal economic system gathers force and begins to translate into real action, so do its detractors. From an investment perspective, the source of
Six Keys to Successful Gold and Silver Ownership
Throughout history, gold and silver have had many important uses, including as a hedge against inflation, deflation, and economic uncertainty. For the gold investors, they have managed to preserve
What Does the Future Hold for Chinese Securities?
Many investors find themselves wondering whether the new Biden administration will change the U.S. trade policy toward China. Further, investors are wondering how they should position themselves.
Hints of SPAC-ulation?
Investors should tread carefully with SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies), as costs and dilution post-merger may be larger than those borne via traditional IPOs. SPACs are like IPOs in
NOW Podcast: Solving World Hunger Through Innovation, Part 2
Brown Advisory
In Part 2 of the conversation on solving world hunger through innovation and strategic investing, we welcome two more entrepreneurs. Ezinne Uzo-Okuro, CEO of Terraformers, is using her
Reopening Index: Measuring the Return to Normal
By measuring the reopening of the economy using a combination of high-frequency indicators to measure the return to more normal spending and employment, see which industries have prospered and are
NOW Podcast: Solving World Hunger Through Innovation, Part 1
Brown Advisory
Solving world hunger—or “food insecurity”—is really hard. The solutions are not particularly sexy, and they require a very long-term outlook. In seeking to learn more about