Private Capital: Navigating the Latest Investment Darling
Investors rode the wave of strong equity returns in 2021. While public equity fueled impressive investment returns, private equity and venture capital performance took portfolios to the next level.
Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence—the 2021 Survey Results
In this 12th annual survey, the focus was on the back office areas and internal fund operations. The results highlight other trends and key insights in the hedge fund industry: growth in assets
Crypto Considerations
Cambridge Associates
The polarizing and often misunderstood cryptoasset landscape has grown exponentially in recent years. While there are substantial risks associated with these young assets, they continue to grow in
What Fixed Income ESG Investors Should Keep on the Radar in 2022
The ESG-labeled bond issuance has been significantly growing and is likely to persist, along with investor interest in this segment of the fixed income markets. What can responsible investors in this
The Market in Five Charts and a Special Global Webinar: What Does the Ukraine Crisis Mean for the Markets?
In this segment of The Market in Five Charts, Chief Investment Officer Rick Pitcairn addresses the Ukraine crisis and its impact on capital markets through the following lens:US equity market is
The State of the Commodities Market
The tailwinds that greeted commodities in 2021 have moderated, but they are not gone. Faced with strong economic growth and high inflation, the market expects the Fed to run down its balance sheet
What We Talk About When We're Talking About Inflation
Most of us are familiar with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as the headline measure of inflation. However, at the January 2012 Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed declared it would use the
Wilmington Trust
U.S. inflation is at its highest in four decades due to COVID-19-induced spending on goods, supply-chain issues, fiscal stimulus from the government, and very accommodative monetary policy from the
Finding Balance in Diversified Index Portfolios
Index investing has been a boon to investors seeking accessible, diversified portfolios. However, many index-based portfolios have become notably more concentrated in recent years, in terms of both
ESG and the Risks of Having Good Intentions
Grant Thornton
People care about ESG, want ESG outcomes and will make major decisions on where to invest, where to work, and what to buy based on those outcomes. So, when companies make claims about their ESG