Real Estate in a Rising Interest Rate Environment
Asset Consulting Group
Real estate can play an important role in diversified portfolios by acting as a hedge against rising prices. However, like other income producing asset classes, rising interest rates can put downward
ESG Considerations in Frontier Markets
William Blair & Company
ESG factors can be hard to quantify in frontier markets, but a quantitative approach with a qualitative overlay may help uncover attractive opportunities.For the transcript of this video, select
Family Offices Investing in Venture Capital
Silicon Valley Bank
Venture deals have slowed down compared to the record-breaking year in 2021. However, the innovation sector continues to grow. Investors are holding a record amount of dry powder and valution
Navigating the Complexities of Newfound Fortunes
Many newly wealthy families can credit their expanded fortunes to a major liquidity event, most frequently the sale of a business. For many in this group, recently acquired wealth creates a host
Digital Assets: Top Trends for 2022
Foley & Lardner
It's no secret that cryptocurrency markets and the larger digital assets economy have been roiled by recent instability, resulting in discussions about how regulatory initiatives, rising
Maximizing Return: Unlocking Value Throughout the Private Equity Lifecycle
Forces are converging on private equity and compelling the industry to evolve. Adapting to the dynamic deal landscape, this eBook examines how to approach and maximize deal value at each stage of the
While Great Entrepreneurs Leap, Great Investors Plan
Cambridge Associates
Both successful business leadership and portfolio management depend on many similar traits, including conviction, expertise, hard work, and teamwork. But to be successful as an investor over the long
Fixed Income: Short-Term Drawdown, Long-Term Opportunity
Asset Consulting Group
Many of the challenges the fixed income market has experienced are part of the natural long-term economic cycle. While volatility is likely to remain in 2022, diversified fixed income portfolios can
End of Globalization?
Asset Consulting Group
Decades of globalization have led to the developed world relying more on foreign nations, sometimes with competing interests. The pandemic and recent geopolitical events have shifted attention to the
Interest Rates, Inflation, and the U.S. Dollar
Asset Consulting Group
The challenging market environment and the fear of several interest rate increases by the U.S. Federal Reserve in 2022 has led to a sell-off in global equities. Concurrently, the U.S. is facing