Leaders in the private wealth management industry have formalized the investment planning process, learning from their institutional counterparts. They know that successful investment planning goes beyond financial asset management, diversification, due diligence and financial reporting. Integrating the family’s investment plan with the personal, financial and philanthropic goals of the family is essential.


Legal Considerations for Cannabis Companies and Investing in the Industry
Thompson Coburn
More than 70 business owners, investors, potential cultivators, and dispensaries attended a half-day seminar on legal considerations for cannabis companies. While there, they covered a number of
The Cryptocurrency Series, Parts 1-4
Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth
Cryptocurrency is experiencing a surge in interest from mainstream investors and corporations worldwide. In this cryptocurrency series, we focus on the evolution of bitcoin moving from fad to
Ranking of Cannabis State-By-State Regulations
Barry Weisz and Michael Rosenblum, Thompson Coburn
This guide provides a holistic review of the current cannabis laws in every state and the District of Columbia, from most favorable to cannabis businesses to most restrictive. In addition, you can
Crypto-Assets and Blockchain Technology
Ten years after the introduction of bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, the two headline innovations have sparked both inspiration and controversy. Although challenges must be overcome
Political Risk Map 2019: Rising Geopolitical Tensions
Businesses have arguably never faced such a breadth of challenges as they do today. Drawing on data and insight from Fitch Solutions, a leading source of independent political, macroeconomic,
Wireless Networks: 5G & What Happens Next
Signature Family Wealth Advisors
The 5G network puts us at the precipice of another change in technology with the potential to unlock brand new applications, many of which are still nestled deep in entrepreneurial minds. As the
Late Cycle Private Equity Investing: Lessons from the Past and How to Manage Through
This session focused on family office investors invested in private equity (PE) funds and/or direct investments and discussed where we are in the PE cycle. Beginning with a review of current data and
Opportunity Zone Benefits; Nuts and Bolts; and Loose or Missing Screws
Leigh Griffith and Shane Morris, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created a new tax incentive, the Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF), designed to encourage long-term investment in low income communities. The QOF has 
Gender Inequity and Climate Change Solutions: How They're Connected
Scientists warn of dire consequences to the environment due to climate change, from devasting droughts to massive flooding—effects we’re already starting to experience globally. In this
First Quarter Outlook 2019: The Tide Shifts
Eton Advisors
2018 was a tough year for investors, with most major asset classes finishing with flat-to-negative returns for the calendar year. Worries over monetary policy, economic growth, and trade wars are