CIO Insights 2020 Outlook: The End of Monetary Magic?
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
More than a decade ago, central banks embarked on a highly unconventional monetary policy path—generally referred to as "quantitative easing." This made possible the longest recorded
2020 U.S. Equity Income Outlook: Extracting Income Opportunities from Volatility
Alex Paulsen, Parametric Portfolio Associates
The U.S. equity income market could be in for a wild ride in 2020. Learn how exposure diversification may help your portfolio weather the coming storm.
Roll with the Punches of Rising Interest Rates
Parametric Portfolio Associates
One of the biggest challenges corporate and municipal bond investors face when it comes to portfolio performance is interest rate fluctuation. Changing interest rates can increase risk and decrease
Capital Markets Update Q4 2019
Ellwood Associates
2019 witnessed an uncommon surge for both risky and safe assets as stocks and bonds had their biggest simultaneous gains in more than two decades. An improving outlook on the economy, progress
2020 Investment Outlook: More Questions Than Answers
Tom Lee, Parametric Portfolio Associates
For investors, it's helpful to consider the forces that could impact the markets. Taking some time at the beginning of the year to pause, reflect on the past, and consider carefully how it
What's the Difference Between Positive and Negative ESG Screens?
Jennifer Sireklove, Parametric
Positive screens include good companies, and negative ones exclude bad companies, right? Discover why they’re really just two sides of the same coin.
Is Direct Indexing Coming for the ETF?
Brian Langstraat, Parametric
Direct indexing is gaining in popularity among investors. Is it poised to disrupt the ETF industry? Bloomberg turned to the veteran industry leaders to find out. Parametric’s CEO, Brian
A Slippery Slope: Hedge with Caution in a Volatile Market
Tom Lee, Parametric
Hedging may seem like a safe bet, but does it pose a risk for investors? Learn why it’s important to approach equity hedging with caution in a volatile market.
Investing and Politics
Asset Consulting Group
Americans frequently view economic conditions through a political lens. However, markets are driven by fundamentals over long periods of time, not politicians. Investors should be cautious about
Maximizing Tax Benefits Through Charitable Giving
Rey Santodomingo, Parametric
Is there a better way for investors to donate to charity? Learn how to maximize a portfolio’s tax benefits—and increase the size of the gift—through charitable giving.