Leaders in the private wealth management industry have formalized the investment planning process, learning from their institutional counterparts. They know that successful investment planning goes beyond financial asset management, diversification, due diligence and financial reporting. Integrating the family’s investment plan with the personal, financial and philanthropic goals of the family is essential.


2019 Guide to Tax and Wealth Planning
PwC Private Company Services
Managing wealth can be particularly complex as policies and tax laws change. Employing financial, legal, and tax professionals can help, but each family should be vigilant in understanding and
FOX Public Webinar: Forging a Direct Investment Path
During this webinar, Kristi Kuechler discussed how family offices are forging ahead despite volatility and uncertainty in the markets– increasing their appetite for direct investments in real estate
Cannabis Investing: Rationally Capitalizing on This Unique Opportunity
Poseidon Asset Management
Cannabis and industrial hemp are projected to be large disruptors across many industries that include agriculture, construction, energy, textiles, and law. The industry is also moving at an
Regime Change
Northern Trust
Volatility has returned to risk asset markets and has investors asking: “Is this time different or is something else afoot”? In this dedicated Global Family Office investor letter, we
Private Wealth Investment Policy Statements: A Roadmap for Uncertain Times
Emotions and behaviors can derail a sound investment approach, especially during periods of volatility. That is why it is important to have an investment statement policy (IPS), a document outlining
Private Credit Benchmarks: A User's Guide
Cambridge Associates
In response to the proliferation of new private credit strategies and managers, a new set of benchmarks was developed to help limited partners (LPs) assess the performance of new and existing fund
Private Investing for Private Investors: Life Can Be Better After 40(%)
Cambridge Associates
Private investments, particularly private equity and venture capital, have provided the strongest relative returns for decades. For families with multigenerational wealth, they may be particularly
QOZ Funds: An Alternative for Section 1031 Investors
Cresset Wealth Advisors
Investors who utilize Section 1031 (aka “Like-Kind”) Exchanges for the tax benefits they provide should consider a new option for sheltering real estate capital gains: Qualified
Strategy Report: What Could Go Right?
Abbot Downing
The year 2018 ended on a far different note than it started, with the economy stronger and markets weaker than most had projected at the outset. More perplexingly, underlying economic fundamentals
2019 FOX Foresight – What's on the Minds of Members
Family Office Exchange
FOX Foresight keeps members up to date on the latest thinking on matters that affect enterprise families. It summarizes what we have been learning from our members and our subject matter experts