Aggressive Tax-Loss Harvesting: An Opportunity to Reduce the Millionaire’s Tax
Jeremy Milleson, Parametric
Many states are imposing a millionaire’s tax with huge implications for top earners. Explore how aggressive tax-loss harvesting can soften the blow.
Macroeconomic Update: Navigating the Global Markets
Jean Joseph, Managing Director of Owl Rock Capital Partners, discussed the status of the global markets in the context of the credit cycle and some signs pointing to a need for caution in today’s
The Rise of Index Investing Still Spooks Some Investors. It Shouldn’t.
Brian Langstraat, Parametric
Now that passive index investing has overtaken active management, learn why this might not be as scary for the industry as it may seem. 
CIO Insights: Stay Prepared
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
There is a risk, in a time of prolonged economic uncertainty, that you become blinded to the pitfalls ahead. U.S./China trade tensions have now been ramping up for over a year, and other geopolitical
Quarterly Update: A Year of Both Risk and Return?
Eton Advisors Group
Both stocks and bonds enjoyed positive returns in the Third Quarter 2019, adding to already-impressive performance from the first half of the year. Declining interest rates again deserve much of the
A Bubble in Index Funds?
Asset Consulting Group
Substantial inflows into passive funds over the last decade have led to speculatioon that a bubble is forming. Key concerns center around the lack of price discovery inherent with passive funds as
Global Economic Update, Fourth Quarter 2019
Asset Consulting Group
Consumer confidence measures have been mixed amid heightened geopolitical noise. The global manufacturing slowdown has pulled that sub-set of the U.S. economy into contraction territory and threatens
Mirror, Mirror: The Inverse Relationship Between Commodities and the U.S. Dollar
Greg Liebl, Parametric
Prices of commodities and the US dollar are strongly linked. But is this also true at the individual commodity level?
Accept No Substitutes: Why Natural Resources Stocks Are a Horrible Way to Get Commodity Exposure
Tim Atwill and Greg Liebl, Parametric
More and more investors are considering an allocation to commodities, typically motivated by a desire to tap the inflation-fighting and diversifying properties of this asset class. While the most
Passive Voice: As Index Investing Grows, So Does Active Ownership
Gwen Le Berre, Parametric
Passive doesn't mean indifferent. Often people lose sight of the fact that while passive, or index, investors have made a choice to diversify and trust the market to reward them for their