Prices, Policy and Your Portfolio—Your Inflation Questions Answered
Northern Trust
The notable increase in consumer prices has sparked concerns around the effect of inflation on investor’s portfolios, wealth plans, and ability to fund goals. For investors, the best offense
US Equities Win Again—Time to Abandon Non-US Equities?
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Diversification is an easy concept to adopt but a hard concept to maintain, particularly when there are extreme periods of concentrated market leadership. While US large caps have outperformed non-US
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“Location, location, location” has long been the mantra of the real estate and, by extension, construction industries, but the global pandemic is upending how this philosophy has
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The automotive industry is experiencing a convergence of disruptions unlike any seen since 1910. Autonomous, connectivity, electrification, mobility, and subscription business models are reshaping
The Future of Retail
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In this report, discover the emerging trends redefining the retail industry. With a deeper exploration into the changes that COVID-19 caused in commerce, it becomes clear that retail is at the
Investment Themes for 2022
To help put 2021 in context and prepare for what 2022 has in store, we explore the investment themes and look at the prospects for continued inflation, tax changes out of Washington, the 2022
7 Private Equity Predictions for 2022
The pace of deal making was high in 2021, and it’s expected to continue in 2022. Looking forward, there are seven private equity trends that fund managers need to be aware of as they plan deals
Starting a Family Office Direct Investment Function
Plante Moran
As noted in The New Family Office 5.0 Model, a rising number of family offices are allocating resources to direct investments, including building an in-house direct investment function to gain
In the Tumultuous 2020s, What Can Investors Control?
Investors may not be able to control the markets—but they can control their risks, values, and taxes. Find out how the rise of direct indexing makes it possible.
SVB State of the Markets, Q4 2021: Inside Views on the Health and Productivity of the Innovation Economy
Silicon Valley Bank
At the turn of the fourth quarter, it was safe to call 2021 a record-breaking year with $88B raised by US venture capital funds and the US VC dry powder at an all-time high of $212B. While the