COVID-19 Not Slowing Efforts to Update Denver's Cannabis Rules
Foley & Lardner
The Denver City Council has approved a new local license to regulate and implement medical cannabis research and development facilities, marking the beginning of the city’s efforts to update
With Major Indexes Set for Rebalancing, How Has 2020 Reshaped Passive Investing?
Most equity index maintenance is routine. We explore how the COVID-19 pandemic could make things different for major index providers ahead of their regular updates.
2020 North Sky Capital Impact Report
North Sky Capital
For the investors with the capital means to drive much needed social and environmental change, the time is now to align their values with impact investing. This year’s report
Implications for the Cannabis Industry Due to the Coronavirus
Foley & Lardner
In the absence of nationwide directives from the federal government on how businesses should operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, states and municipalities have been issuing numerous orders—
Challenging the Conventional Wisdom of Manager Selection
Gresham Partners
Contrary to conventional “wisdom,” decisions regarding manager selection can impact performance as much as or more than decisions regarding asset allocation. Success in this manner
Private Equity—A Resilient and Opportunistic Asset Class
Key Capital Investment Management
Over the last sixty years, private equity investing has developed from the original leveraged buyout and venture capital deals (once the unproven territory of financial pioneers) into a tried and
Challenging the Conventional Wisdom of Portfolio Construction
Gresham Partners
Investors should not design portfolios to survive markets on average, but rather to survive every day and, most importantly, the worst days. As Benjamin Graham said, “the essence of portfolio
Investment Perspective: Overoptimism?
Northern Trust
Despite a weak economy, global financial markets have rebounded, liquidity has been restored, and investors are reentering the markets. Given the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 and other factors,
Investing in the Post-Monetary Era Podcast: COVID Special
Eton Advisors Group
The Golden Age of Monetary Policy (1980-2019) has ended and the Post-Monetary Era has begun. This episode explores the consequences of the COVID pandemic's dramatic impacts on the economy and