The Energy Sector is Not What it Used to Be
As traditional oil and gas companies face a range of challenges, including the emergence of alternative and renewable technologies, investors must find new ways to navigate the energy transition. For
2023 FOX Foresight - The Advantages of Family Capital for Direct Investing
FOX Foresight keeps you up to date on our latest thinking about matters affecting families, family offices, and their advisors. It gives you our forward look on what we're learning from our
Private Investment Diligence and Fraud Prevention: Will New Regulations Change the Game?
Foley & Lardner
Given the high-profile nature of some startups raising money through misrepresentation and in certain cases fraud—resulting in significant losses for their investors—there has been a call
Taking Stock: Stagflation Trends
With an investment landscape marked by elevated inflation levels, economic growth risks and tight monetary policy, the U.S. economy is a fertile breeding ground for stagflation … with one key
Taking Stock: Recession Outlook
As the U.S. economy grapples with stagflation trends, there is inevitable talk of a potential recession. Despite the bearish narratives, a recession is avoidable.
Ten Minute Interview: Minority Direct Investments
Foley & Lardner
There are both advantages and disadvantages for family offices considering a minority direct investment. In this interview with Brian Lucareli of Foley Private Client Services, Glenn Singleton spoke
2023 Investment Manager Research Roundtable
In a roundtable discussion, senior leaders of the NEPC Investment Research group share what each of them are seeing on the ground while meeting investment managers and allocating capital.
EdTech: A Sector Coming of Age
Key Capital Private
There’s a strong investor appetite for companies operating in the Education Technology (“EdTech”) industry, a diverse and fragmented sector standing at the intersection of education
Governance: Sample Investment Committee Charter for XYZ Family
Cambridge Associates
For an investment committee to be effective, there must be a written committee charter that will help guide and add value to a portfolio. Following five core elements tailored to fit any family
Where Have All the True Investment Fiduciaries Gone?
HighView Asset Management
When it comes to true investment fiduciaries, there are two standards of care: suitability and fiduciary. In this video, HighView CEO Mark Barnicutt shares his perspectives on both standards, the