Podcast: How Entrepreneurs Can Start the Value Creation Lifecycle
As startup companies in the cloud, internet, and technology industry grow, they must balance resources between innovating products and services and building their businesses. The BPM Business
Three Advantages of a Custom Passive SMA for the Taxable Investor
Continuing a trend of the past five years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) grew in assets under management in 2020. However, the fact remains that the ETF continues to be a one-size-fits-all solution
Investment Strategy Update: Reflation Preparation
There are nascent signs of inflation beginning to percolate within the U.S. economy, driven by higher input prices and supply shortages. Pent-up pandemic savings could become an inflationary force
How to Use Customized Portfolios to Boost Yield
Using equities to customize for yield enhancement isn’t a completely new invention. Investors have had access to a variety of dividend-focused strategies for years. For investors who are less
Is the U.S. Equity Market Heading for a Bubble?
Many trends—including the explosive price changes in a handful of equities driven by a crowdsourced short squeeze—are indicative of an asset bubble. Grizzled market veterans are starting
Municipal Bonds Win Big from Recent and Proposed Federal Stimulus
Investors look to the municipal market for both quality and diversification. They were rewarded in 2020 when the municipal market proved resilient despite a challenging economic environment. The
Inflation—the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Abbot Downing
Inflation is almost always a topic of discussion when thinking about and planning for the future. This paper explores the many factors that affect the inflation rate, whether an uptick in inflation
Customized SMAs: How to Make Responsible Investing Truly Personal
When an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t cut it, responsible investors can turn to customized separately managed accounts (SMAs) to build portfolios that align with their values, including
Why Transitioning from Active to Passive Doesn't Have to be Taxing
Investors shouldn't let taxes prevent them from choosing better investment options. Transitioning to a tax-managed SMA may help minimize upfront tax cost and provide opportunities over time to
Strength, Resilience, & Control: Wealth Planning Strategies for 2021
Although the future is unpredictable, we do know that financial planning can allow families and their advisors to operate from a position of strength and resilience, no matter the changes that lie