2014 Investment Outlook – The Key Themes of the New Year
Within today’s volatile marketplace investors are continually aware of the abundance of risks: geopolitical tensions, uncertainty surrounding change in Federal Reserve leadership, the direction of
Aligning Investment & Trust Distribution Policy: Meeting Fiduciary Duty in a Total Return World
Aligning investment strategies and anticipated investment returns with trust distribution policies is both an art and a science. The science is regulated by laws and fiduciary responsibilities and
You Control Your Own Destiny: Transitioning to Living Off a Portfolio
Every family faces a time when for one reason or another individual family members have to learn how to live off a finite level of wealth. Whether that necessity is prompted by the termination of a
2013 FOX Investment Survey
Charlie Grace
In this sixth survey of investor attitudes and behaviors since 2008, FOX finds families incrementally increasing their tolerance for risk. Looking  ahead, respondents listed emerging markets,
An Inside Look at Global Private Investors and Their Investment Processes
Join us for an inside look at ultra-high-net worth global investors and the processes they employ to make investment decisions and oversee their portfolios.  This timely information has been
Considering a Change?: Insight on Bank Custody and Agreements
Custody of assets is a serious issue for investors and raises many considerations besides the safekeeping of assets.  Listen into this webinar to hear the current landscape affecting custodians
Post Fiscal Cliff Tax Changes and Climate in D.C. Teleconference
Many of you know, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was quickly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  What you may not know are the implications of those changes and
Hiring Investment Consultants: Industry Trends and Best Practices
With escalating family office costs, increasing complexity of the investment markets, and SEC regulatory changes, families are taking a more thoughtful approach to their investment function and
2011 Investment Survey Insights
Family Office Exchange
In this fifth survey of investor attitudes and behaviors since the advent of the financial crisis in 2008, FOX finds that families are feeling more confident about their investments and the economy
FOX Council Member 2011 Investment Performance and 2012 Economic Outlook
Family Office Exchange
FOX created this survey in January 2012 to collect and compare the 2011 investment performance and 2012 economic outlook of the members of three FOX council groups. The survey captured data from 32