Liquid States: The Dynamics of Family Wealth Events


Over the past decades, family specialists have developed a deeper understanding of the host of emotional responses that accompany wealth events – whether the event in question is a business sale, inheritance, trust distribution, or other financial transition.

These wealth events can have powerful effects on individuals’ notions of identity, purpose, and family connection. Yet most of the time family leaders focus their energies on the financial implications of liquidity – without managing the personal dimensions and dynamics that can have far more powerful effects on the family’s well being.

In this program, an expert team specializing in communication, relationships, and governance for financial families will provide insights into the management of both sudden and expected wealth events.

Family leaders and advisors who are preparing family members to productively handle future inflows of wealth will not want to miss this thought-provoking and practical program.

Date Published: Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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