NOW Podcast: Solving World Hunger Through Innovation, Part 1


Solving world hunger—or “food insecurity”—is really hard. The solutions are not particularly sexy, and they require a very long-term outlook. In seeking to learn more about the problem, we reached out to the ones trying to solve it. In part 1 of this conversation, Barron Segar, President and CEO of the World Food Program USA, and Mira Mehta, Founder and CEO of Tomato Jos, show us from different vantage points how scalable innovation and long-term thinking can translate into progress over time, and what it means in the way we think about investing.

Continue the conversation in Part 2 when two entrepreneurs join the discussion. Additional investment takeaways are provided, including creating impact at scale, allocating client capital to frontier markets, and how the role of private capital can fund change effectively. 



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