Q1 2015: Financial Markets Monitor


In this market forecast, Atlantic Trust discusses presents the issues that will have the most impact on the financial markets over the next 12 months, including:
The Economy
  • U.S. is posting impressive growth as the expansion broadens.
  • Many other countries are struggling with too little growth, too much inflation or both.
  • The collapse in oil prices is creating winners and losers (but mostly winners).
  • Divergence in economic growth is creating a divergence in global monetary policy.
  • Strong consensus on path for Fed policy—risk rises if they deviate from that path.
  • Treasury market is supported by strong U.S. $ and attractive yields vs. other sovereigns.
  • Munis are at earlier stage of credit cycle than corporates—more upside.
  • U.S. equity bull market—a slower pace likely in 2015.
  • Key questions for corporate profits—impact of strong $, slower demand from abroad?

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