Risk Management


Five Things to Consider if a Buyer is Financing the Purchase of Your Business
Koley Jessen P.C.
Transactions for the purchase and sale of businesses are rarely all cash deals. No matter the transaction structure, the use of financing to consummate the purchase creates a new dimension and layers
Revitalizing Privacy and Trust in a Data-Driven World: Key Findings from the Global State of Information Security® Survey 2018
PwC Private Company Services
Massive data breaches, constant collection of personal data—it may seem like privacy is dead in the digital age. But privacy, security and trust are increasingly vital and intertwined in a data
Risk in Review Study: Managing Risks and Enabling Growth in the Age of Innovation
PwC Private Company Services
How can risk executives embrace innovation while preparing for unknown risks such as a self-driving car commandeered by hackers, data analytics software that unintentionally reflects biases, or
The Art of Valuations
When you’ve made the decision to protect a collection through insurance, you want to be sure that coverage amounts measure up to the value of your items. Determining proper values can be tricky
Smart Moves: Ten Tips When Relocating Households With Collections
Whether moving to a new home or setting up a seasonal residence, valuable and irreplaceable items require careful consideration. As part of a general household move, ten tips—beginning with
Tips for Horse Owners: Natural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires can leave us feeling vulnerable, but preparedness can go a long way in keeping both people and animals out of harm’s way. When it
Cybersecurity and Privacy Settings: Best Practices from the Experts
Are you maximizing protection when it comes to your online activity? Or do you open yourself to cyberattacks by clicking on links in promotional emails and allowing third-party applications to access
2018 Family Office Benchmarking Study
Marsh Private Client Services
Today’s risk environment is more complex than ever before. Successful individuals, families, and family enterprises—including first-generation wealth makers and large, multi-generational
Art Collection Management: Transit Protocol Guidelines
Works of art are at great risk of being damaged during handling and transportation. To reduce the likelihood of loss, it is important to adhere to a stringent set of guidelines for every transit.
Authentication and the Internet-of-Things
A New Cybersecurity Paradigm Without Usernames & PasswordsCybersecurity has become a rapidly evolving chess game. Authentication is one of the key pillars of cybersecurity, as are data integrity