Risk Management


Taming Cyber: Quantifying Cyber Risk Using a Structured Scenario Approach
Oliver Wyman

At the heart of risk management is a gloomy truth: You can never achieve zero risk.

Preventing and Responding to Claims of Sexual Harassment
Warner Norcross & Judd

Workplace harassment costs employers millions of dollars every year through poor employee morale, higher absenteeism, reduced productivity and costly settlements and lawsuits.

The Global Risks Report 2018: Fractures, Fears and Failures
World Economic Forum and Marsh & McLennan Companies

This year’s Global Risks Report grapples with some of the most pressing challenges that we face, including biodiversity loss, cybersecurity threats, rising geopolitical tensions, and the risk of an

Cyber: The Stakes Have Changed for the C-Suite

Three major cyber events in 2017 set new precedents for the scope and impact of damage wrought by cyber-attack in terms of geographic and industry reach, operational disruption, and economic losses

Love is in the Air? Practical Tips for Dealing With Workplace Relationships
Rebecca Canary-King, Schiff Hardin

Valentine’s Day is a time when employees celebrate, while HR representatives, in-house counsel, and business owners hold their breath.

2018 AI Predictions: 8 Insights to Shape Business Strategy
PwC Private Company Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing quickly and doing far more in some areas than anyone would have guessed a decade ago.

Tomorrow's World: A Revolution Begins
PwC Private Company Services

The future. It’s the topic on the mind of most business leaders—what’s going to happen in the future? And importantly, how do you ensure you’re prepared for it?

Plan Ahead for a Hospital Stay
Katie Roper, Home Care Assistance

Sometimes, unfortunately, a trip to the hospital is unforeseen and unplanned. Often, however, procedures and elective surgery are scheduled in advance.

Seven Steps to Protect Yourself from Fraud
Wilmington Trust

Business impersonation scams are a large and growing risk for high-net-worth individuals, closely held business owners, and institutions.

2018 New Years' Resolution: Examine Your Sexual Harassment Training
Nicholas F. Lesiak, Koley Jessen P.C.

Although the recent high-profile cases of sexual misconduct make for sensational news stories, how this issue directly affects employers often gets lost in the media chatter.