Cyber Security: Reducing Your Risk Profile


With all of the news about foreign state intrusions into U.S. systems, it’s easy to forget that there are other risks.  Family offices and wealth advisors are more likely to be targeted by commercial hackers, disgruntled insiders and cyber attackers.  Is your Family Office doing the right thing to protect you and your family’s confidential and sensitive information?  Are you and your family putting yourselves at risk?  Join us on this webinar to understand how attacks happen, the practical steps you can take to mitigate your security risks and that of your family clients.  Alan Brill, from Kroll Advisory Solutions will discuss how intrusions happen, the common flaws that are exploited and how to set up a commercially reasonable defense.  Learn 10 low cost actions you can take today for yourself and your family clients to reduce your risk profile.

Webcast Replays