Advisor Partnerships


"Not My Parents Advisor": Creating Successful Successions Using a Multigenerational Approach
92% of heirs switch their advisors after receiving their inheritances. As the Baby Boomer generation prepares to transfer an unprecedented amount of wealth to the next generation, advisors have an
Selecting the Right Trusted Advisor: A Family Case Study
Family Office Exchange
Selecting the right organization as a partner in the management and oversight of a family enterprise is one of the most important decisions a family will make. Success in this endeavor requires a
Managing Family Wealth Separately From the Family Business
Family Office Exchange
While successful businesses benefit from disciplined operations and strategic planning, the management of family wealth is often eclipsed by the needs of the business and improperly delegated to
A Matter of Trust(ees): Managing Trustee Conflicts of Interest
This program gives an overview of key areas of potential trustee conflicts of interest. 
Wealth Management as a Second Family Business
Family Office Exchange
Many entrepreneurs who enjoyed the challenge of building a family business face the decision to sell the business with mixed feelings and a certain amount of trepidation. While liquidity has its
Forging Successful Partnerships in the Face of Conflicts of Interest: A Thought Leaders Roundtable Compendium
Family Office Exchange
The relationship between a private wealth owner and a service provider is a two-way street. Both parties share responsibilities for ensuring disclosure and transparency in the relationship. A service
Multi-Family Office Best Practices
The ultra-wealth advisory firms poised for greatest success recognize that this business is a developing business—distinct from investment, private banking, financial planning and trust—that requires
Family Office Services
Each family office’s menu of services is reflective of the goals and priorities of the family it serves. Some offices focus heavily on the investment process and rely on the expertise of a chief