The Shifting Talent Paradigm: How Advisors are Redefining Their Talent Strategy (Summary)


FOX’s study on The Shifting Talent Paradigm: How Advisors Are Redesigning Their Talent Strategy can serve as a great resource for those seeking insights on what is changing the advisor labor market and how they can shape the best talent strategy for their firm. 

The full version of this report covers:

  • The four dominant themes that define the shifting Talent Paradigm.
  • Examples of how firms outside our business are adapting to the challenges of the Talent Paradigm.
  • Insights on how advisory firms are redesigning their talent strategies.
  • A quick way to evaluate your firm’s preparedness to address the four dominant themes through a self-assessment.

The complete 43-page version of this report is available to FOX Members here. 
Non-members can download the Executive Summary version by completing the form below.

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